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Drug Court Overview

Chatham County has helped to make Drug Court a successful reality.  The program has rescued the clients that the Court serves from lives of addiction, despair, and incarceration, enabling them to live rich, rewarding, productive lives.

  • 18-24 month intensive outpatient treatment program consisting of five phases.
  • All participants must:
    • Attend group counseling sessions several times per week;
    • Attend individual counseling as required;
    • Attend required Community Support meetings weekly;
    • Attend Drug Court as Phases require;
    • Submit to random drug screens at least twice per week;
  • Graduation Requirements:
    • Work toward a G.E.D.;
    • Perform 80 hours of community service;
    • Pay $1,500 toward the cost of treatment;
    • Pay child support and restitution obligations; and
    • Remain drug free for at least 9 months.

“What you learn is that drug courts, which involve treatment for all the individuals and real support – along with sanctions when they fail – are a more cost effective method of dealing with drug problems than either probation or prison.” (Institute for Applied Research, 2004).

“Ultimately, the power of drug court lies in improving lives and saving families.   Drug courts give hope to the hopeless by reuniting parents with children, citizens with their community, and spouses with one another.”
-- NCDI, Painting the Current Picture:  National Report Card on Drug Courts, May, 2008, p. 3.

The Drug Court wishes to thank the Chatham County Commission and the taxpayers of Chatham County for their support.