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Auto Abandonment $10.00
Auto Abandonment - After September 1, 2019 $42.00
Civil Suit $103.00
Civil Suits Additional Service $50.00
Criminal Warrants/Pre Warrant Applications $20.00
Dispossessory Warrant (stamp provided) $78.00
Dispossessory Warrant (no stamp provided) $78.73
Dispossessory Warrant Additional Service $25.00
Eviction Fee $25.00
FIFA Cancellation $25.00
FIFA with Levy on Property $79.00
Foreclosure of Personal Property (stamp provided) $78.00
Foreclosure of Personal Property (no stamp provided) $78.73
Foreclosure of Personal Property Additional Service $25.00
Garnishment (with service) $153.00
Garnishment (without service) $103.00
Good Behavior Bonds $20.00
Interrogatory Fee (Judgment from another court) $103.00
Interrogatory Fee (Judgment from Chatham Co. Magistrate Court) $14.00
Nulla Bona (renewal) $80.00
Petition in Trover $103.00
Petition in Trover Additional Service $50.00
Trover Pick Up Fee $50.00
Subpoena Fee (with service) $11.00
Subpoena Fee (without service) $1.00
Writ of Fieri Facias $29.00
Exemplified Judgment $5.00
Certified copies $2.50
Copies (per page) $0.25