Parties wanting to use a private process servicer must first file a Motion for Appointment of a Special Process Server and proposed Order. A sample Motion can be found under "Special Agents" found here:

In the Motion, a party must select a specific process server from the approved process server lists from either Chatham County State Court or Chatham County Superior Court. It is recommended a party first contact a specific process server to inquire about his/her availability and costs before filing a Motion. Chatham County State Court's approved list of process servers can be found at this link:

Once an Order approving a Motion for Process Server is entered, all arrangements, including payment, for the process server must be handled directly by the requesting party. The Court does not handle any arrangements or payment for private process servers.

Auto Abandonment Forms

For auto abandonment filings After September 1, 2019, use the forms found here:
(Scroll down to Abandoned Motor Vehicle Effective September 1, 2019 )

For auto abandonment filings Prior to September 1, 2019, use the forms below.

Consent Order Forms

Criminal Forms

Default Judgment Forms

Dismissal Forms

Dispossessory Forms

FIFA Forms

Garnishment Forms


Open Records Request

Post Judgment Interrogatory Forms

Request for Certificate of Payment of Costs

Statement of Claim