In 2004, State Court Clerk, Carlton Blair, had the foresight to register the domain name Those who know Mr. Blair are not surprised that he was "ahead of the game" on this. Mr. Blair was always looking for ways to use technology to advance the business of State Court and make it easier for the public and agencies needing the services of the State Court of Chatham County.

The website is a three time winner of the JusticeServed award, most recently receiving this award in 2009. According to JusticeServed, "From citizen access terminals to WiFi in the courthouse, this court gets it. The site is chock-full with e-dockets, e-tickets, e-fines and even e-probation. As early pioneers of streaming video, it's no wonder they are a 3-peat winner." In May 2011, State Court rolled out a new website look. While the domain name, features and information that helped win these awards remains the same, the updated website has a current look, feel and functionality.

Thank you Carl for setting an example on how technology and courts can work together for the good of those finding themselves in need of the services of the State Court of Chatham County.

David A. Wood

Clerk of Court / Court Administrator