Civil Filing Requirements

Complaints / Petitions / Suits
Complaints or petitions presented to the Clerk for filing will be filed only when accompanied by the proper filing fee, fee for sheriff's service or a pauper's affidavit, and when applicable any forms required by law or rule to be completed by the parties. The attorney or party filing the complaint will furnish the necessary service copies, and will fill out and attach the appropriate forms.

Checking Filing Status
Filing status information is updated daily and is available here online. Case number, judge assignment, and service status information may also be obtained by:

  1. Using the Case Lookup section of this website.
  2. Including a self-addressed, stamped envelope at the time of filing for the clerk to return your copy of the entry of service form.
  3. Local attorneys may do the above. Also a file is maintained in the Clerk's office on local attorneys, and returns or copies can be picked up from this file. (Please instruct your runners to check this file.)
  4. Sending a request in writing accompanied by a $3.00 search fee for each case, $1.00 per page for copies, and a self-addressed, stamped envelope for return of copies.
  5. Using the citizens' access terminals located in the entrance of the Clerk's office (Room 501).

Motions or Responses to Motions:
Pursuant to Uniform Court Rule 6.1, motions or responses to motions require an original and a copy for the assigned Judge.

Records Request

Initial Filing of General Civil Action

Answer Forms

Garnishment Forms

Dispossessory Forms

Subpoenas Forms

Foreclosure Forms

Other Forms