In mediation, the parties work with a neutral person, the mediator, to try to resolve their issues. Unlike a court hearing, mediation is confidential, informal, and inexpensive.

In the Eastern Judicial Circuit of Georgia, mediation is mandatory in most contested civil and domestic Superior Court cases. In Magistrate, State, and Probate Court cases, mediation is mandatory if ordered by the court.

The Mediation Center contracts with Eastern Judicial Circuit of Georgia to provide mediation services free of charge in Magistrate, State, and Probate Court cases, and for a discounted fee in Superior Court cases (civil and domestic). For more information regarding The Mediation Center, including current fees and how to qualify for a free waiver/reduction in Superior Court cases, please visit

Parties are not required to use The Mediation Center to mediate their case. In the Eastern Judicial Circuit, parties may choose any mediator who is currently registered in the appropriate discipline (civil, domestic, etc.) with the Goergia Office of Dispute Resolution. To check whether a mediator is registered, please visit

Only the parties (and their attorneys, if the parties have retained attorneys) may participate in mediation. Witnesses cannot attend.

Please contact the Director of Alternative Dispute Resolution at (912) 652-7128