Helping Unrepresented Families Put Together the Pieces

"Providing problem-solving services for separating and divorcing families is a community responsibility, not just a judicial responsibility. The welfare of the entire community especially its children - is impacted by how the members of the reorganized family relate to each other." -FAMILY COURT REVIEW, Vol. 51, No.3, July 2013

Information about Local Attorneys available to be hired in famly cases.*

Forms, Education and lnformation for:


*The Family Law Resource Center and Staff will not provide legal advice which should be sought from an attorney who represents you.

What To Bring?
Proof or Documentsof income showing how much and where you get money you live on, for example:
Paystubs, Tax Returns, W2s, 1099, Receipts, Disability, Unemployment, Public benefits, child support, alimony, gifts, rent paid to you, tips, cash payments.

Copies of any papers you have already filed and prior orders that may affect your case.

The Other Party if you can work together and you want to file an UNCONTESTED case.

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Family Law Resource Center Hours:
Monday 9am-5pm
Tuesday 9am-5pm
Thursday 9am-5pm
**Plan on two (2) hours to complete forms

$40.00 fee
Fee Waivers Available based on the Federal Poverty Guidelines
(no waiver will be granted without proof of income)

Problem-Solving Services
Information on local ATTORNEYS with family law practices.

STAFF SUPPORT including a "Stamp of Approval" that your forms are completed. You are responsible for the truth and accuracy of the information you provide.

SUPERVISION of forms and staff by an experienced member of the State Bar of Georgia.

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