Program Director: Nikeya Blake, PRIDE Integrated Services, Inc.

PRIDE provides the full array of probation services for misdemeanor offenders for the State and Superior Courts of Chatham County. As the Courts' "Agent of Change", PRIDE's primary mission is to enhance the public safety by encouraging its clients to reach and embrace positive lifestyle decisions. PRIDE serves as the probation client's center of gravity in a collaborative effort that includes the entire community, the criminal justice system and a wide range of social service resource agencies.

Monday -Thursday: 8:00am - 5:00pm
Friday: 8:30am - 4:30pm


Why does the State Court use PRIDE Integrated Services for probation and what is expected?

EXPERIENCE PRIDE is the oldest private probation agency in the country having continually provided criminal justice services since 1970 and misdemeanor probation services since 1977.
INNOVATION PRIDE has developed numerous programs to enhance supervision of criminal justice clients. It was the first private probation services agency in the Country to use electronic monitoring.
RELIABILITY PRIDE has a generated a track record of responsiveness to the needs of the community and criminal justice system here in Chatham County.
FLEXIBILITY PRIDE conforms its services to meet the needs of the Court, the community and our criminal justice system. They have a wealth of expertise to develop new programs to meet our needs. There are no "cookie cutter" probation programs in State Court. All PRIDE programs have been tailor-made to meet the specific requirements of Court.
COST EFFECTIVE All PRIDE programs are user fee based. PRIDE has never charged the Court or Chatham County for any service provided. 100% of all fines and fees collected on behalf of the Court have been forwarded to the Court.
NON-PROFIT PRIDE is the only not-for-profit agency providing private probation services in Georgia. It answers to the community through the Court, not to shareholders. Any income generated is reinvested into the community and the services and programs we offer.
PUBLIC SAFETY All PRIDE employees come from this community and dedicated to the safety and security of our community through comprehensive supervision services.
CHANGE AGENTS PRIDE is in service to the Court. Its only purpose is to help their clients meet their own needs for improving their lives and decreasing their probability of recidivism. Through cooperative affiliations with community resources, PRIDE helps its clients get the services they need, sometimes going beyond the scope of the court order to serve as the agent of change in the lives of their clients'. Through probation there is an opportunity to facilitate those changes.

Core Programs Available

General and Specialized Caseload Management
PRIDE provides case supervision for every type of misdemeanant cases. This program also assigns special needs cases to trained, senior staff who maintain smaller caseloads and provide probationers the support and guidance they need to complete the conditions of their probation. State Court DUI Court program is an example of a "Specialized Caseload" handled by PRIDE.

Behavior, Choices and Change
This is a cognitive behavioral program that addresses the specific factors involved in the criminal thinking process. The program focuses on changing individual behaviors through personal awareness and intentional positive reactions. It may be employed as either a four or eight hour program, as directed by the Court.

Community Service Placement
This program makes community service hours more valuable to the community as well as to the probationer. We try to place defendants into programs that will make the best use of their unique skills and interests. We believe that today's community service clients can become tomorrow's volunteers. All community service is closely monitored and verified. This program can also be used without traditional probation monitoring.

Theft Abatement Program
This is a 4-hour program that has been used successfully with over 2,000 defendants. It addresses the issues of theft related offenses and informs attendees about in-depth programs to facilitate attitude and behavior change to reduce recidivism.

Supervised Employment Assistance Service
PRIDE maintains close liaisons with local employment resources and with education resources. With these contacts, PRIDE can assist defendants in obtaining employment and upgrading any deficits in their employment skills.