E-Recording Real Estate Documents

Chatham County offers eRecording through various vendors. This allows customers to file and record documents with the Superior Court Clerks office through the internet. This allows customers to simply scan the original documents, add the indexing information, and electronically submit it to our office within minutes. The following are vendors that we are currently using to accept real estate documents:


Effective January 1, 2017, all Plats filed in Georgia must be filed electronically (OCGA 15-6-67).In order to efile Plat documents in Georgia you must register online. Any questions should be addressed to the GSCCCA at (800) 304-5174.

Warranty Deeds

Unless it is a corrective Warranty Deed, all Warranty Deeds require a PT-61 form and a payment of transfer tax at the time of recording, unless otherwise exempt. PT-61 forms are available only at GSCCCA Forms. form must be completed online, printed and submitted with the deed at the time of recording. Any deed transferring property requires a PT-61 form, not just Warranty Deed. Any Corrective Deed transferring property is exempt from having a PT-61 form.

Security Deeds

Security Deeds must be filed within 90 days from the date of execution to avoid penalty and late fees accruing on the intangible tax. If the Security Deed is for less than three years, intangible taxes are not owed.

Military Discharges

Original copy of DD form 214 issued by the United State Government, any copy of DD214 with a raised seal issued by the United States National Personnel Center, or United States Archives form 13038. These documents are recorded at no charge and immediately returned.