Civil Intake Fee Schedule

General Civil and Domestic (Plus Applicable Service Fee)
All Cases Except: 

  • Family Violence
  • Abandoned Motor Vehicles
  • Incoming Transfers
  • Additional Sums In Condemnation
  • Bond Validation Cases
General Civil Cases filed by local County or Municipal Gov’t $75.00
General Civil Cases Filed by a State Agency in Georgia $90.00
Family Violence N/C
Abandoned Motor Vehicle Action (Plus Applicable Service Fee) $10.00
Incoming Transfer $50.00
Issuing Subpoena $5.00
For Copy Served, General $50.00
For Garnishee Served (1st Copy) $50.00
For Tenant Dispossessory Action $25.00
Service on Subpoena $10.00

Other Recording

Vetern Discharge N/C
Bar Admission Documents N/C

Notary Public

Issuance of New Certificate (Signed into law 4/26/16) $52.00
Renewal (Signed into law 4/26/16) $52.00
Certificate of Authority (Notary Flag) $2.00

Miscellaneous Costs

Photo/Xerox per Copy $.50
Oversized Copy Larger Than 8 1/2 x 14 $2.00